SCHEDULE-El Mangroove

January 27-31, 2020

Monday, January 27th  5 Hours CME


Beginner: Introductions and skills assessment. Basic medical history questions. Important verbs and forms of courtesy.

Intermediate: Same agenda as the beginner class.


Beginner: Medically related Spanish words and expressions for pain, body parts, discomfort, and medical symptoms.

Intermediate: Same agenda as the beginner class.

Tuesday, January 28th  5.0 Hours CME


Beginner: Phrasing and vocabulary for performing specific physical tasks and physical exams.

Intermediate: Mock Clinic to practice instruction.


Beginner: Verbal commands in emergency situations.

Intermediate: Phrasing for specific tasks and verbal commands for emergency situations.

Wednesday, January 29th 

This day is set aside to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica and interact with the native Spanish speakers.  Many of the tours from the hotel for ziplining, canopy, volcano and deep-sea fishing require an early morning start.  This day will give you the time to schedule these activities and work on the Spanish skills that you have learned in the classroom.​ We encourage students to speak and listen to as much Spanish language as possible during this time. 

  Thursday, January 30th  5 Hours CME


Beginner:  Pregnancy and delivery. Specialty specific questions and answers submitted by students.

Intermediate: Same agenda as beginner class.


Beginner:  Grammar instruction and practice. 

Intermediate:  Relating medical test results and vocabulary.

Friday, January 31st - 5 Hours CME


Beginner: Relating of medical test and their results. Review of all topics learned with emphasis on areas that students may have questions about.  Closing remarks and course evaluation.

Intermediate:  Mock clinic to practice instruction. Review of any topics with questions. Closing remarks and evaluation.

How to determine the class you should be in:


Beginner classes consist of students who have no experience with any type of Spanish through the student who may have had some Spanish in high school or college or perhaps has learned some at work or through travel.


Intermediate classes consist of students who have had at least 2 years of college level Spanish instruction, they learned from native speakers, or have had extensive experience with travel such as an extended study abroad/immersion experience. This class is primarily taught in Spanish with emphasis on vocabulary and tends to move very quickly. 


Advanced study students are accommodated in the intermediate class supplemented with private instruction from the teachers as desired by the student.


We rely on your honest evaluation of your abilities and try to challenge each student at the appropriate level. Please carefully consider your class placement so that you and your fellow students all recieve the most benefit from the conference as possible. The teachers may help you determine if you are in the correct level once you are at the conference.